Signed "THE TIME IS NOW"  CD (Physical copy)

Signed "THE TIME IS NOW" CD (Physical copy)

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The world of Jazz has been taken by the spiritual wind of the Andes and the colorful rhythms of Perù in "THE TIME IS NOW", the album produced by Peruvian drummer and composer Jorge Perez-Albela, featuring Sissy Castrogiovanni on vocals.

If you are looking forward to hear other languages rather than Sicilian only, we got you.. In this album Sissy sings in English, Spanish and Portuguese! :) 


* "THE TIME IS NOW" physical copy, Autographed by both Sissy & Jorge! 

* Booklet


1. The Mirror

2. A Mis Padres (Para Gabriel y Jorge)

3. Shining Star

4. Gratitude

5. N.I.T.T.

6. El Reto

7. Raices (Ritmo de Negros)

8. Viento De Los Andes

9. Pra Brasil

10. Hope (The Time Is Now)