We are OPEN!!!


Thank you for visiting my first official shop! 

I'm really excited to finally being able to share with you all my music and merchandise from one single platform, directly connected to me! :) 

This 2020 has been quite challenging for the music and live events industry (as for many others). Live concerts sounds like a mirage at the moment and for us musicians has been more difficult than ever to share our music.  

All the streaming platforms streams our records in a reduced (very reduced!) audio quality, and it became kind of difficult to find our physical-great-audio-quality recordings. 

So I decided to launch my very own personal shop:


This will be the official place where you can find all my music in its BEST AUDIO QUALITY, in all its formats (Digital, CD, Vinyls) and all the merchandise that I'll release along the way. 

And.. the most beautiful part is that this is directly connected to me, which makes it easily for us to be in touch, and also makes this the best way for you to support my music if you would like to! :) 

Welcome and ENJOY! 

I'm looking forward to see you inside!


With love and gratitude,